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About us

The journal “Litua. Studies and research” is a scientific publication created under the auspices of “Alexandru Ștefulescu” Gorj County Museum which is a cultural institution founded on July 16, 1894. Two years later, in April 1896 “The Publications of the Gorj County Museum-Litua” was published and contained the scientific research of the founding members.

Since 1978, the journal “Litua. Studies and research” was republished in a new series, but, due to objective conditions, the results of the research carried out during two or three years were published in a single volume (1978-2009). The journal has been published annually since 2011, and the topic has been maintained in all issues, covering fields such as archeology, history, ethnography, folklore, museology, geology, museum pedagogy, museology, documentary and memoir.

Purpose and objectives

The journal aims at:

Promoting scientific research based on interdisciplinarity.

  • Approaching various topics in the field of history and related sciences, which capture eras from prehistory to contemporary history and fields such as archeology, geology, prehistory, political history, cultural history, history of international relations, museology, etc.
  • Affirming national identity by broadening the horizons of knowledge in the fields of ethnography and folklore.
  • Attracting prestigious collaborators from the country and abroad whose contribution to ensure the quality standards of scientific research in the approached fields.

The journal publishes studies / articles of authors working in museums and academia, such as scientific researchers or pre-university teachers.

No fees are charged for the processing of the articles and for publication.

Open access statement

“Litua. Studii și cercetări” este o revistă cu acces deschis. Utilizatorii au dreptul de a citi, descărca, copia, distribui, tipări, căuta sau trimite la textele integrale ale articolelor.

Copyright and publishing rights

Copyright and publication rights remain the responsibility of the journal.

License CC-BY 4.0

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