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Ethical norms

Author’s responsilibity

The author is responsible for the content of the article. If the Editorial board requests major or minor changes, the author / authors should review their article / study according to the reviewers’ recommendations. Otherwise the material will not be published.
If the article / study is written by several authors, the person submitting the manuscript must have the consent of the co-authors for publication in the journal. In this sense, the first author will sign the statement of originality. If there is financial support for publication, this will be mentioned in a contribution note. The authors are obliged to declare under their own responsibility any potential conflict of interest.

Reviewers’ responsibility

The peer-review procedure allows the Editorial board and the reviewers to decide on the manuscripts to be published or not and allows the authors to improve their work. The reviewers agree to objectively review the papers for which they have the subject expertise. They must inform the Editorial board if they have found similarities between the manuscript being evaluated and other publications already printed. They must preserve the confidentiality of work under review and undertake not to use it for personal gain or to disadvantage / discredit others.

Editorial responsibilities

The Editorial board is responsible for rejecting or publishing a manuscript, based on the reviewers’ recommendations, the academic and scientific importance, the originality and relevance of the research in the field.
The Editorial board and the reviewers will evaluate the content of the manuscripts, without regard to the author’s race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnic origin, nationality or political orientation. The Editorial board has the obligation to ensure the confidentiality of the manuscripts in the review process and not to reveal the reviewers’ identity to the authors or the authors’ identity to the reviewers.
The Editorial board must not disclose any information about the studies to be published in the journal to third parties.
Possible cases of conflict of interest will be considered by the members of the Editorial board who will decide on the publication or rejection of the manuscripts. If, after the publication of the manuscripts, potential conflicts of interest of any kind arise, they fall under the exclusive responsibility of the author (s).


Contributions in which any suspicion of plagiarism is found will be rejected, as well as situations in which the same manuscript has been published in another journal.

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